World Federation of Trade Unions

Today, February 18th, the 2nd WFTU-TUI meeting took place with great success and high participation from all the WFTU TUIs. The Presidents and General Secretaries of all the TUIs took the floor and discussed with the WFTU General Secretary, George Mavrikos, in militant spirit their initiatives and their preparations for the 18th World Trade Union Congress. #ewic-con-106359 .flex-direction-nav .flex-next, #ewic-con-106359 .flex-direction-nav .flex-prev {opacity: 1;} #ewic-con-106359 .flex-direction-nav .flex-next {right: 10px !important; text-align: right !important;} #ewic-con-106359 .flex-direction-nav .flex-prev {left: 10px !important;} jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(“#preloader-106359”).fadeOut(2000, function () { $(“#ewic-con-106359”).addClass(“ready_to_show”); $(“a[rel^=’ewicprettyPhoto[106359]’]”).ewcPhoto({ theme: “ewc_default”, allow_expand: false, deeplinking: false, slideshow:5000, autoplay_slideshow:true, social_tools:false }); $(“.flexslider-106359”).fadeIn(1000); $(“#ewic-con-106359”).flexslider({ animation: “slide”, animationSpeed: 0, useCSS: false, easing: “easeInQuad”, direction: “horizontal”, slideshow: true, smoothHeight: true, pauseOnHover: true, controlNav: false, prevText: “”, nextText: “”, rtl: false, slideshowSpeed: 5000, start: function(slider){ $(“#ewic-con-106359”).find(“.flex-caption”).hide(); var curSlide = slider.find(“li.flex-active-slide”); $(curSlide).find(“.flex-caption”).slideDown(); }, before: function(slider) { $(“#ewic-con-106359”).find(“.flex-caption”).slideUp(); }, after: function(slider) { var curSlide = slider.find(“li.flex-active-slide”); $(curSlide).find(“.flex-caption”).slideDown(); } }); }); });

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2nd Virtual meeting of the WFTU General Secretary and the TUI Leaders on February 18th, 2021