Communist Party USA

This report was presented to the National Board on Jan. 20, 2021. We need to discuss how today’s turning point moment is affecting our size and influence. This discussion might be framed as “problems in party growth” because the CPUSA is in fact growing — some 2,000 new members have joined since Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race for the presidency. The proof of this is in the numbers. Last year, for example, $50,000 in dues was collected, compared to $26,000 in 2019. Membership has increased, along with involvement in struggles across the country. The party is beginning at long last to take more initiative in a number of areas: unemployment, electoral work, racist police violence, and mutual aid. We’re starting to increase our presence at marches, demonstrations, and rallies. In preparation for the April meeting of our National Committee a review of our work should be made…

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Building our movement in the new political moment