South African Communist Party

16 February 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Western Cape calls on the Western Cape Department of Education to respond to the demands of the Winelands district, in particular the Klapmuts community by ensuring that the doors of learning and culture are open to working-class children. A disappointing reality exists that, 27 years into democracy, in the Western Cape we continue to have well-resourced schools that are meant purely to serve particular racial groups at the exclusion of other population groups. In Klapmuts, there exists a school that is meant to serve a particular section of the community, that is to the exclusion of those who speak indigenous languages. The Western Cape department of education has been condoning this exclusionary nature of the school. This is deliberate sabotage to the project of building a non-racial society as it further deepens the hatred amongst the people on the…

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SACP Western Cape calls for Klapmuts Primary School to be opened to all races and a need to build a high school