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The conference concludes a path that has seen the construction of two national conferences and initiatives in almost all Italian regions.

The conference ‘For a model of public research based on social and internationalist solidarity’ will see Ramon Labañino from Cuba on the phone and the participation, among the others, of Fabrizio Chiodo, the Italian researcher working on Cuban vaccines.

The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the members of the Henry Reeve Sanitary Brigade, who in the face of every catastrophe are ready to leave their country and their loved ones to risk their lives on behalf of unknown people, is an award for the concept of the world they represent, at a time when the very life of the human race is in danger, due to the irrationality of an economic system that still dominates much of the planet.

Today we want to talk about this by comparing two systems of research and science.

Cuba has quickly mobilised for the production of the vaccine, proposing to the world a model that is clearly effective and successful.

The Italian public research and development system (universities, CNR, dedicated bodies), on the other hand, is increasingly bent to the interests of private companies and the so-called ‘market’. Public research is difficult to access and is condemned to a state of structural precariousness.

In 1960, Fidel said The future of Cuba can only be a future of men of science, they have built a system of research and public health for the people.

Each country must find its own way to emancipate itself from the barbarism in which it is immersed, due to mechanisms that represent the very essence of a model, the capitalist one, clearly incapable of responding to the problems and needs of humanity, whether they be related to the current pandemic, or to environmental catastrophe, or to the irrational use of productive forces and technology.

Cuba has already won the Nobel Peace Prize for us.

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USB international department today 10 February will hold the final conference of the Solidarity campaign in support of the Nobel Prize to the Cuban Medical Brigade, which we are supporting together with the FSM.