World Federation of Trade Unions

Dear colleagues,  The World Federation of Trade Unions, committed to the principles of solidarity and internationalism, stands by the side of the working class and the People of Venezuela, who are targeted by the imperialist attacks of the USA, the European Union and their allies, with the cooperation of the local reactionary forces that until today continue to support their puppet Guaidó. The aim of the imperialists is to seize the natural wealth of Venezuela in order to serve the interests of their monopolies and to overthrow the legally elected government of Nicolás Maduro. At the same time, the working class and the people of Venezuela are facing the consequences of the capitalist crisis, exacerbated by the measures of imperialist blockade and the sanctions imposed by the USA, with losses in their income. In these difficult circumstances, the WFTU has stood in solidarity with Venezuela from the outset, calling upon…

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WFTU International Symposium in solidarity with the People of Venezuela (Virtual) Monday, 1st March 2021