Communist Youth of Turkey

International Working Women’s Day was celebrated with tens of thousands of women from all over the world taking to the streets and demanding an equal and free life. We asked communist women from different countries of the world about the most difficult aspects of being a woman in a capitalist society and how their lives will change in the future socialist world. Lígia Fernandes, UJC–Brazil The current crisis of capitalism, which is ignited by the Covid-19 pandemic, deepens social inequalities, misery, and violence against workers all over the world – and especially against women.  Meanwhile, the concentration of wealth and profits of private monopolies, bankers, and mega-entrepreneurs are increasing.  The offensive against the working class imposes a significant worsening of living conditions.  More than 13.5 million Brazilians are unemployed and, within this percentage, the majority is precisely young women.  If the capitalist crisis reveals that the bourgeoisie’s profits can only…

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Communist women from 5 different country answered our questions on 8th of March