Communist Party of Britain

“Despite his reputation as a ‘Tory libertarian’, Boris Johnson’s government is now attacking democratic freedoms on a scale that cannot be justified by the Covid emergency”, Alex Gordon told a meeting of the Communist Party’s political committee on Wednesday evening (March 24).  He pointed to the Police & Crime and ‘Spycops’ Bills currently going through the Westminster parliament as examples of the growing centralisation and empowerment of the state and its police and intelligence services.  ‘They are part of a longer-term trend since 1979, from anti-trade union laws and the privatisation of public spaces patrolled by private security companies to the criminalisation of squatting and the atrocious ‘Windrush’ deportations of British citizens”, he argued.      He said the present-day Tier 4 lockdown had abolished even the limited right to protest allowed by the lower tiers and so clearly contravenes the European Convention on Human Rights.  “The danger now is that…

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