Communist Party USA

  At the onset of the pandemic, the lies we were told about gendered progress melted away, and reality came rushing in for women of every race, nationality, and age. Forced to stay home or forced to go to work, women across the United States are suffering disproportionately during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is not because of the disease itself, but rather because gender equity cannot be achieved under capitalism. Indeed, gendered oppression is an integral part of how the system itself operates. Young women who were raised to think that great strides were made in gender equity have had a difficult awakening for the past year. While some might argue that massive progress has been achieved in the past decades towards addressing gendered inequality — with a woman finally elected as vice president, no less — the rest of us have experienced, more than ever before, the patriarchal chains…

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For women, inequity and a shredded safety net