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  She was Razan al-Najjar or Rouzan Ashraf Abdul Qadir al-Najjar. She was only twenty years old. Palestinian. Eldest of a family of six in the Gaza village of Khuza’a. A nurse/paramedic. Idealistic, fearless, passionate for her homeland. And murdered by an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) sniper on June 1, 2018, during peaceful protests against the 11-year-old Israeli blockade of Gaza. “Why kill her? She was an angel of mercy,” cried Ashraf al-Najjar, her shattered father. She is now al-istishhadiyyat — a martyred young woman. Her heroic role in the ongoing protests was to treat the wounded. Razan was trained as a paramedic at Nasser Hospital in nearby Khan Younis. At protests, medics were “easily identifiable” and “did not pose any threat to the Israelis.” They practiced “fine-tuned strategies,” wearing white jackets with reflective high-visibility stripes, moving slowly forward in teams, arms and hands raised high, Razan even wearing surgical…

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