Communist Party of Britain

Johnnie Hunter summarizes the Communist Party’s position on Scottish independence and the choices and tasks facing the Left in 2021. EVEN in the depths of this Covid-19 pandemic, the question of Scottish independence has remained at the top of the mainstream political agenda in Scotland. The referendum result in 2014 has continued to divide working people and the labour movement. It’s gathered a new pace following, or perhaps because of, the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in 2019. So, what stance should working people take on the question of Scottish independence? The starting point for socialists For Scotland’s communists, our fundamental starting point is our clear and unequivocal commitment to the right to self-determination for the Scottish people.  We have never adopted the negative and pessimistic attitude that Scotland is “too small” or “too poor” to thrive as an independent country. We haven’t adopted a tribal or divisive attitude to…

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