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  Readers might be excused for getting the impression that parents and teachers are locked in conflict over the issue of sending kids to school during the pandemic. Teacher unions have been charged with “blocking” school reopenings. However, even a quick look reveals that these charges frequently have come from forces who have long sought to undermine public schools in the name of “free markets” and “educational choice,” such as the conservative Cato Institute. But hearing what the stakeholders actually have to say gives a more layered and more balanced picture. The dominant impression one gets is that school workers and parents (that is, those whose children attend the schools) are well aware of their common concerns, and that these concerns stem from conditions that long predated the current crisis. Granted that this issue is not simple and that it’s more than a rehash of old questions, but it sure looks like the matter of when and how to…

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Reopen schools? Sure, but when and how?