South African Communist Party

13 March 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Limpopo Province has learnt of the arrest and appearance in Palmridge Court of seven additional people in relation to the collapse of the VBS bank. We welcome these latest developments and call for a speedy justice system in this regard. The deliberate and manufactured collapse of the people’s bank, the VBS, was an act of gargantuan calamity for the working class and poor, particularly in the Vhembe region. Many old aged and sick depositors of burial societies, stokvels, megodisano, and personal savings have already died as a result of stress and depression caused by loss of their life savings. The collapse of the VBS bank also caused the assassination of our comrades and brothers in arms in Vhembe Region, Comrades Tshililo Timson Musetho and Ronald Mani. We call upon the state to do all it can to recoup the money…

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