Communist Party USA

  The Communist Party USA stands in solidarity with the families of the eight dead in Georgia, the people of Georgia, and the nation’s Asian communities in the wake of the recent attack that occurred in Acworth and Atlanta. The result of one gunman’s hate rage is eight dead, of whom six were Asian Americans, seven were women, and two white. A Guatemalan immigrant is hospitalized in critical condition. This hideous crime,  borne of racism, misogyny, or both, occurred in a country where these attitudes are woven into our nation’s fabric. Hate crimes against Asian Americans are not new, but the number rose by 150% in 2020, when the previous president blamed China for the spread of COVID-19, naming it “Kung flu.” No matter that an Asian American may have roots in Japan, Korea, or Thailand — in the minds of racists, they’re all the same. Remember Vincent Chin, the…

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Terrorism, racism, and misogyny in Georgia