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OEKIDE expresses its deep condolences to the Egyptian working class, denouncing the new employer’s crime, in which 20 workers were burned alive in an Egyptian textile factory, while dozens were injured. We unite our voice with the demand of the Egyptian workers for health and safety measures in the workplace, for compensation to the families of the colleagues. In Greece, Egypt and other countries the real reason why the working class mourns dozens of injured and dead workers is because sufficient measures have not been taken to protect the health and safety of workers, as they are a cost to industrialists, whose only god is profit. They do not care about the lives of the workers. The only way for the unions, the workers in every country is to strengthen our struggle for the protection of our health, life and rights, for the overthrow of this barbarism. OEKIDE expresses its…

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The National Federation of Workers in Textile of Greece (OEKIDE) denounces the employer crime in Egypt where 20 workers were burned in a textile factory