Communist Party of Israel

Thousands of ant-Netanyahu protesters gathered outside the Prime Minister’s Official Residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem on Saturday night, April 10, while hundreds more demonstrated next to Netanyahu’s private home in the coastal city of Caesarea and smaller protests took place in dozens of other cities and towns, along highway overpasses, and at major intersections around the country. Demonstrators from the Black Flag Movement protest against PM Netanyahu and his far-right government on Rothschild Boulevard in Central Tel Aviv, Saturday, April 10, 2021. (Photo: Ra’anan Harlap) These were the first weekend demonstrations against Netanyahu after President Reuven Rivlin handed him the mandate to form a government on Tuesday, April 6, the second day of the PM’s renewed corruption trial. Accordingly, some 30 protesters gathered outside the President’s Residence where clashes broke out between police and demonstrators after the latter attempted to drape a banner reading “Liar” on the perimeter of the…

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Anti-Netanyahu Protests Resume after PM Mandated to Form Gov’t