Communist Party of Britain

Unemployment fightback! In Wales, we know as much as anyone how mass unemployment devastates lives and local communities. It produces anxiety and fear, economic distress, family disruption, debt, poverty, malnutrition and homelessness. People are demoralisation as they lose their confidence and dignity. Trust and solidarity between workmates is eroded as pay and working conditions are undermined. Unemployment is not caused by lazy or greedy workers, strikers, ‘benefit scroungers’, immigrants ‘taking our jobs’ or workers who lack skills. Those are the people targeted by the right-wing press and politicians, who want to sow division when we need is unity. We now face a surge in unemployment in the wake of the Covid crisis. But this is not the root of the problem. Form time to time, workers have always been thrown out of work in large numbers. It happened before Covid-19 and will again afterwards. Capitalism is a system in which…

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