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Renowned Israeli film director and actress Michal Bat-Adam, a recipient of one of this year’s prestigious Israel Prizes, denounced on Sunday, April 11, far-right Education Minister Yoav Gallant’s move to withhold the prize from another nominee, Professor Oded Goldreich, due to that latter’s political views. During the recording of the awards ceremony on Sunday, Bat-Adam received the award from Gallant and made a brief acceptance speech saying, “I’m very happy to receive the prize, but I’m very sad that we’re only four women and four men tonight because we’re missing one winner.” Bat-Adam immediately left the stage after making the statement. The screening of the ceremony will be held today, Thursday, April 15, Israel’s Independence Day. All told, five of the eight winners of this year’s Israel Prize formerly condemned Gallant’s decision to deny the prize to Goldreich. In a letter they jointly sent to the education minister they wrote, “We express…

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