Communist Party of Israel

A protest against the occupation, racism and political incitement was held in West Jerusalem on Saturday night, April 24, in the wake of week-long tensions that erupted into clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police on Thursday night, April 22, at the Damascus Gate in occupied Jerusalem’s Old City. The same tensions also manifested themselves in renewed rocket fire from the Gaza Strip towards southern Israel and responses by the latter’s military, ending 14 months of relative quite attributed to the coronavirus shutdowns. Young Communists demonstrate in West Jerusalem, Saturday night, April 24, 2021. The banner reads: “The answer to Cahanism is Arab-Jewish partnership.” (Photo: Zo Haderech) The Saturday night protest, organized by Peace Now, Hadash, Free Jerusalem and other groups, was held at Zion Square in West Jerusalem in response to the increased dissemination of racist ideology across the city in recent days. Hundreds of persons of all ages took part in…

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Protesters in W. Jerusalem Decry Occupation, Racism & Incitement