World Federation of Trade Unions

At ArcelorMittal in Taranto, a worker, Riccardo Cristello, was sacked by the company management because he had published a post on Facebook inviting people to watch a television drama that echoed the serious environmental situation in the factory and the city. For this reason alone, a citizen of the Republic, where the anti-fascist Constitution is still formally in force, was fired. He lost his job, i.e. he was thrown into the risk of misery for himself and his family, not because of any failure within the factory, but because of an opinion freely expressed outside it. The terrible working and environmental conditions at ArcelorMittal must remain closed and secret, and above all woe betide the workers who dare to talk about them. This monstrous measure denies three fundamental rights: health, work and freedom of expression. All sacrificed in the face of a single power, that of profit and business. In…

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USB calls for support for Riccardo dismissed by ArcelorMittal (Taranto Steel Plant)