Communist Party USA

  On a recent episode of Marc Lamont Hill’s show Black News Tonight, a Georgia politician revealed a singular problem with his party’s mania against critical race theory (CRT) — he doesn’t know what it is. All he could say about it was what former Republican Party boss Donald Trump had said: it is “un-American” and is the cause of racism. In the wake of the 2020 anti-racist uprising against a fresh wave of police murders of Black people, Trump infamously responded with vile threats against protesters, fascistic deployment of secret federal police retaliations, and open encouragement for police and militia violence. He also tried to control what people think. He banned the teaching of CRT in schools. A number of Republican Party leaders, including supporters of the January 6th white supremacist coup attempt to install Trump as president, have supported the ban. In an attack on CRT and on…

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The rage against critical race theory