World Federation of Trade Unions

“Workers of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your chains” The World Federation of Trade Union Trade Union International Public Service and Allied (WFTU-TUI-PS&A) sends warmth and revolutionary salutations to millions of its members, friends and public service workers and allies around the globe on this occasion of celebrating workers and the working class struggles in the world. This year’s May Day comes while the world is still confronted by the coronavirus pandemic which has subjected most countries to be under different levels of lockdowns. Indeed, this is a second Mayday commemorated and celebrated by workers of the world under devastating and unbearable conditions brought about by the global capitalist crisis and COVID-19 pandemic combined. The current year May day celebrations are extremely important in the calendar of the class oriented federation of workers the World Federation of Trade Union (WFTU) as it is convening its 18th…

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WFTU TUI-PS&A 2021 May Day Commemoration: Hope lies in our struggles as the working class