South African Communist Party

12 June 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) has been the single most consistent and vocal political formation in defending the South African Airways (SAA) and state participation on behalf of the people as a whole in the aviation industry. The SACP did so publicly, as well as in the Alliance, and worked together with the South African Airways (SAA) workers and trade unions that shared the same objective without regard to their trade union federation affiliation. The battle started with defending SAA against liquidation, against the call that the state no longer had to recapitalise or support SAA financially, and against the call that SAA was not a strategic public entity. After winning the battle against liquidation, our fight shifted to defending SAA against wholesale privatisation. Those who wanted SAA to be liquidated formed part of the agenda pushing its wholesale privatisation. The SACP fought against that on…

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SACP statement on the government’s announcement this week regarding the South African Airways