South African Communist Party

24 June 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) welcomes the United Nations’ overwhelming vote in favour of a resolution calling upon the United States of America to end its 60-year-old blockade against Cuba. The United National General Assembly vote took place on Wednesday, 23 June 2021. For the 29th consecutive time since 1992, the United Nations General Assembly strongly condemned the illegal blockade and called upon the USA to lift the criminal blockade. A total of 184 countries voted in favour of the resolution, and of all countries in the world only apartheid Israel stood with the imperialist US in the minority. Colombia, Ukraine, and Brazil abstained. The vote is yet another sign that the international community stands against the bullying of independent countries by the imperialist regime of the USA. The SACP condemns the USA imperialist regime for violating the democratic United Nations General Assembly vote over the…

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SACP welcomes United Nations vote for United States to lift blockade against Cuba