World Federation of Trade Unions

301 Mine Workers in Soma, Turkey were brutally killed on May 13, 2014 in a so-called work accident because of the lack of necessary precautions that should have been legally taken by the employers. The World Federation of Trade Unions, the unique class oriented union movement representing more than 105 million workers in all around the world monitored the consequences and process of this massacre from the first day of the tragedy. The WFTU not only watched the process but also took concrete steps such as organizing an event in Istanbul titled “We will not forgive nor forget the Soma Massacre” in June 2014 in order to be the voice of the decedent mine workers and their families.After this event, acommittee was formed to monitor and interfere in all the developments related to the judicial process. The final hearing of the Soma Trial was held on January 16, 2021. The…

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The Soma Trial has been concluded: Those who are responsible for the massacre of 301 Mine Workers in Soma were unjustly absolved with punishments that are more like awards