World Federation of Trade Unions

Since the beginning of the Pandemic the workers around the world are faced with the threat of the COVID-19 virus which spreads quickly inside crowded offices, factories, warehouses, mines, cruises and other workplaces, or public transport that workers use to go to their work. As of June 17, confirmed cases of Covid-19 from 55 African countries reached  5,101,624 while over  29,472,694 vaccinations have been administered across the continent. Reported deaths in Africa reached  135,860 and  4,553,824 people have recovered. South Africa has the most reported cases – 1,774,312 – and 58,223 people died. Other most-affected countries are Morocco (524,975), Tunisia (374,312), Egypt (275,010), Ethiopia (274,601), Libya (189,888) and Kenya (176,622). To achieve the goal of vaccinating at least 60% of the population, Africa will need about 1.5 billion vaccine doses which at current estimates could cost between US$ 8 billion and US$ 16 billion, with additional mark-up costs of 20-30%…

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