PAME Greece

The National Union of Musicians of Greece created this video from the action that was held for the initiative of WFTU on May 21, World Culture Day.  The National Union of Musicians of Greece stated: “On Friday, May 21, World Culture Day, our melodies were united with the initiatives of musicians from all over the world following the initiative of the World Federation of Trade Unions. Musicians from orchestras, from jazz scene, from traditional Greek music united our voices. Once again we sent a strong message that we are not backing down, that we are standing up and fighting collectively, that we will not pay for their crisis again. We thank all the colleagues who contributed to the realization of this action. We continue the fight against the policies that strikes the right to work, to leisure, to culture. We demand support measures for all the workers in the sector…

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VIDEO Athens Musicians Action for WFTU, May 21, World Culture Day