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  As part of the celebration of its 100th anniversary, the Communist Party of China (CPC) convened a summit of leaders of socialist, communist, and ruling political parties from around the world. The conference took place via Zoom on July 6. This meeting of leaders of political parties continued a series of conferences that began in 2017 with the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution in Moscow, followed by meetings in Shenzhen, China, and Athens, Greece, both in 2018. This July’s conference not only gave the leadership of the CPC the space to express its aspirations for the people of China and humankind, but it also gave the world’s political leadership the opportunity to congratulate the CPC on its anniversary, to express admiration for its leadership in bringing China to a high level of economic and social development, and to thank China and the CPC for solidarity and support given each country’s own development. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPC and President of the People’s Republic of China, opened the conference with a keynote speech. Xi said he was happy to join the leaders of more than 500 political parties and organizations from over 160 countries, that is at least 80% of the world’s nations. The CPC, he said, connected the future of the Chinese people with that of other countries, joining to “promote common prosperity of all countries.” China’s development was not possible without the generous support of all peoples, as all countries are increasingly becoming interconnected and interdependent. No country should be left behind. All countries and nations are equally entitled to opportunities and rights to develop and modernize in a way that suits their national conditions and in their own fashion, he said. No country should be left behind. Xi frequently repeated the imperative that development must be people centered. Xi added that democracy is the right of all peoples rather than an exclusive privilege of the few; rather than a single model there are many ways and means to realize democracy. In an unspoken reference to the United States and its NATO allies, Xi stated that judgment of whether a country is democratic should be made not by a handful of elites but by its own people. In multiple references, Xi said that the CPC would lead only the Chinese people. Unlike presidents of the United States of America, China’s president Xi Jinping at no point in his speech claimed that China would lead the world, or had that right. He said the CPC would share what it learned with political parties across the world. In another clear reference to the U.S., Xi urged political parties to counter the politicizing of the Covid-19 pandemic, or attaching to it a geographic label. Only through scientific and political cooperation will the virus be overcome. Regarding the environment and global warming, Xi declared that the world must follow the laws of nature. Humanity is at a historic crossroads: hostile confrontation or mutual respect. Alluding to the colonial wars that held China in chains beginning in the early 1800s until the Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949, and the classical and hybrid wars that continue to this day, Xi promised that China would never seek hegemony, expansion, or a sphere of influence. It would always consider itself to be a member of the developing world. Xi proposed that humanity is at a historic crossroads: hostile confrontation or mutual respect; a zero sum game or win-win results. Now that China has achieved its poverty alleviation goals ten years ahead of schedule, China’s Belt and…

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