PAME Greece

The Tourism-Catering Trade Unions of Greece, members of PAME and WFTU, which we organize the workers in tourism, hotels, restaurants, delivery in Greece, express our solidarity with the struggle of the workers in the delivery company Gorillas in Berlin, Germany. The startup delivery company Gorillas employs thousands of people in Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and plans to expand to the US, reaching an estimated value of 1 billion. At the same time, the company’s delivery workers, mostly with flexible working conditions, low-wage and migrants, formed a trade union to demand better working conditions and protection against employer practices, layoffs and problems in payroll. The company refuses to recognize workers’ union rights on the grounds that “in their union the company’s executives do not have the right to vote” in an attempt to deprive the workers of the right to decide collectively and to organize their struggle with their own organizations,…

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Greece Solidarity in the Struggle of Gorillas delivery workers in Germany