Young Communist League Canada

This statement was adapted from the World Federation of Democratic Youth’s Twitter thread, originally posted on July 12, 2021. The World Federation of Democratic Youth reiterates its support for the Cuban Revolution, its youth and its people and we denounce the criminal blockade against Cuba and that is being used to destabilize the island. The criminal blockade of the United States against Cuba has serious repercussions against its youth and its people, has been denounced on countless occasions and only seeks to put an end to its popular sovereignty and to impose the interests of imperialism on Cuba. In the face of the blockade, the continuous imperialist offensives and the current international campaign to promote a coup d’état or an imperialist intervention against Cuba, the World Federation of Democratic Youth reiterates our solidarity. As it cannot be otherwise, the anti-imperialist youth will always be with our brothers and sisters of…

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The World Federation of Democratic Youth Stands in Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution / Desde la Federación Mundial de la Juventud Democrática reiteramos nuestro apoyo a la Revolución Cubana