World Federation of Trade Unions

          On the side of the Cuban workers and their legitimate government. At the side of the Central Workers’ Union of Cuba, a union that with us is part of the FSM. No to foreign interference and the U.S. embargo. Usb is mobilizing, in all cities, in defense of socialism and the sovereignty of Cuba, affected by yet another U.S. offensive. We express our solidarity with the people and government of Cuba and we will be in the streets in every city, in defense of a legitimate government. It has been a little over a year since Cuba has shown the whole world, and particularly Italy, what it means to be a country that puts the health and lives of its citizens first instead of profit. It has demonstrated this through the very low numbers of the pandemic impact on the island, but it has also materialized the true essence of internationalist solidarity, intervening with its own medical personnel to support one of the richest regions in the world, Lombardy. It has demonstrated this by developing a series of vaccines produced by national and public pharmaceutical companies, at the service of the people, through the decades-long development of public research that fulfills its social function. Cuba, never as in this last year, has shown to the whole world what a country it really is, despite the difficulties due to a terrible economic blockade that has been prolonged for more than 60 years now, further worsened by the Trump administration and maintained by the “Democrat” Biden, who has also added the current media offensive, supported by Cubans and pre-empted Latin Americans. The Western governments and mass media that assist this shameful campaign should be ashamed. We are and will be every square and always in defense of the Cuban people and government. USB

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USB: On the side of the Cuban workers and their legitimate government.