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The 102nd humanitarian convoy from the Russian Federation has arrived in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the press office of the DPR Ministry of Health reports. The humanitarian cargo is being unloaded at the depot of the Republican Special Medical Supplies Base under the Ministry of Health. This cargo includes medicines, namely: — medical immunobiological agents ( a vaccine to prevent measles, mumps, rubella and pneumococcal infections); — medications for oncological and hematological diseases; — sedative and neurotropic drugs; — medications for endocrine system diseases, diabetes mellitus and nonsaccharine diabetes; — antibacterial and antimicrobial medicines; — medications for multiple sclerosis treatment. Medical supplies for programmatic hemodialysis procedures have also been received. After the received medicines and medical supplies have been inventoried, they will be distributed to the relevant healthcare institutions of the Republic depending on their needs. The DPR Ministry of Health would like to express its profound gratitude to the Russian Federation and all concerned people involved in the formation and delivery of the humanitarian cargo for the provision of the necessary assistance to the Donetsk People’s Republic.The post The 102nd humanitarian convoy has arrived in the Republic from Russia first appeared on DPR Official site.

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The 102nd humanitarian convoy has arrived in the Republic from Russia