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Once again a maneuver against Cuba is being prepared in the European Parliament. On September 16, 2021, in the plenary session, in the context of the debate on violations of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, a point was included entitled: “Detentions and disappearances after the July 11 demonstrations in Cuba”. Specific objective is to attack the Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation between the EU and Cuba (ADPC) and try to show that it is not a useful framework for relations with Cuba. They also try once again to attack the Cuban revolution, with new campaigns of lies and manipulation of information about Cuba, which constitutes another example of the interference of the European Parliament in the internal affairs of Cuba, which is in line with US policy , reaching the point of not making reference to the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, which constitutes the most flagrant violation of the human rights of Cubans and the main limitation for the development of Cuba. Today the Cuban population is experiencing a particularly difficult situation that affects their well-being, their integrity and their livelihood, affecting access to essential products, services and medicines. After almost six decades of the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, it intensified under the Trump administration with the full application of the Helms Burton law, the inclusion of Cuba in the spurious list of countries that sponsor terrorism. , along with the combined impact of the 243 measures taken by the government of President Donald Trump against Cuba, with the purpose of perfecting the economic siege and cutting off all sources of income to the Cuban economy. Cuba’s access to legitimate income, as well as financial operations to guarantee trade, investment, and essential production processes have been hampered to extreme levels. These measures do not constitute simple actions to intensify the blockade, but new and extreme actions of pressure, harassment and economic piracy, which violate International Law and the freedom of commerce and navigation. The US-declared priorities for human rights, leadership in confronting COVID-19, and rectifying the atrocious policies of the previous administration stand in stark contrast to the apparent indifference and callousness with which the government of President Joe Biden continues to apply the policies of the Donald Trump administration against Cuba and take new measures in that regard. They also try to harm the basic needs of the Cuban people and their daily activities to blame the government for this, in order to try to demonstrate the failure of socialism and prevent the people from continuing to support the revolution. The US has also used and uses ideological subversion very strongly, inventing false pretexts to place Cuba on unjust lists, creating campaigns against the Cuban doctors, against the Cuban leaders, against the achievements and actions of the Cuban revolution, also creating false victims and false violations of human rights to tarnish the image of the revolution. At this time, Cuba is suffering from campaigns of lies, of manipulations that try to undermine the Cuban revolution, that try to blame the Cuban government for the economic difficulties in times of pandemic, without taking into account the effects of the blockade, the main cause of the difficulties. It is intended to present Cuba as a collapsed country and in chaos to provoke a social outbreak and justify an external intervention. The events that occurred on July 11 are not the result of a social outbreak, as it has been tried to show the world. The country was the victim of a political…

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