Young Communist League Canada

Young Communists in Canada campaign with the anti-imperialist youth in Europe and North America in solidarity with the Cuban people and their Revolution. At September’s regional meeting of the World Federation of Democratic Youth’s Committee of Europe and North America, member organizations approved the launch of several campaigns in support of those suffering under the most aggressive face of imperialism. By popular consensus, it was approved that solidarity with the Cuban people and their Revolution would be the first of these campaigns. Well aware that the ruling classes of our regions (namely the United States, NATO, and the European Union) play a crucial role in the aggression against Cuba, we, the anti-imperialist youth of Europe and North America, show our firm commitment in solidarity with the Cuban people and their internationalist, anti-imperialist project.  Cuba’s contributions to the international sphere are long-standing and wide-ranging. From the support of anti-imperialist and national liberation movements around the world, including countless gestures of solidarity towards our World Federation of Democratic Youth and the World Festival of Youth and Students, to Cuba’s selfless acts in the world of health and sanitation, including natural disaster support and the recent work of the Henry Reeve Brigades during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cuba has shown itself to be a friend of peoples around the world, committed to progress and peace. In Canada, members of the YCL-LJC have been active building the solidarity movement and working to bring more young people into this important fight. All clubs of the YCL-LJC continue to be active in fundraising for the Canadian Network on Cuba’s campaign to break the blockade and deliver important medical supplies to Cuba, which thus far has helped deliver 1.9 million syringes to Cuban medical workers, to strengthen the deployment of Cuba’s self-developed vaccines. We continue our work to mobilise all YCL-LJC clubs for monthly Cuba information pickets, and to build the support of all organised democratic forces, including labour and student unions.   The Young Communist League of Canada – Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada stands in firm solidarity with the Cuban people and their Revolution, and we lend our full support to the ongoing campaigns by the World Federation of Democratic Youth. Venceremos! Anti-blockade graphics and materials may be downloaded at this link.

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