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We are following with attention and concern what is happening in the Stellantis plants on a national and international level. A merger between PSA and FCA welcomed by governments and unions linked to the CES as CGIL, CISL and UIL. In reality, as was predictable, Stellantis has initiated a heavy restructuring of international dimensions, with a progression and intensity that varies according to the plants of the 14 brands swallowed up by the newborn automotive group. From the different countries, in fact, come confirmations on cost cutting, closures and de-localizations, mergers of production, logistics and research centers, but the first item concerns the attack on the workforce with the dismissal of staff primarily temporary and external companies. On the occasion of his visit to Italy, CEO Carlos Tavares had declared that the production costs in the Italian sites are higher than those in other countries, ignoring the fact that wages in Italy have been stagnant for 20 years and that most of FCA’s employees are on redundancy pay. This is confirmed by a struggle communiqué of the CGT of Vesoul, France, which denounces the decision of Stellantis-PSA to lay off temporary workers and replace them with internal personnel from the French sites of Mulhouse, Sochaux and about 200 workers from Melfi and Cassino. The comrades of the CGT of Vesoul rightly speak of wage nomadism in order to denounce the fact that from Italy, today they move to France, tomorrow who knows where, workers in CIG. It had already happened with the workers of Gliwice, Poland, called to assemble vans at Sevel of Atessa, replacing many temporary and contract workers. We are faced with an unscrupulous master policy that systematically attacks blue-collar labor using wage dumping and flexibility on a domestic and supranational scale. The auto sector and the Stellantis group are gearing up for a restructuring whose costs will be dumped on the working class with layoffs and then on the working classes, who will finance with their taxes the technological innovation linked to electric propulsion and the containment of raw material costs. The USB, while denouncing the policy of Stellantis made possible by complicit governments and subordinate unions such as those linked to the CES, considers it important to work to strengthen and defend the workers in Stellantis both in Italy and in the rest of the countries. USB

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