THE DIRTY DRAGON HUNT Against the anti-Chinese trade, diplomatic, political, ideological and military campaign – Revolutionary Internationalist Tendency (Italy) Thirty years after the celebration of the end of the Cold War and the beginning of a new American century, are we in the midst of a new Cold War? Yes and no, in that it could also become a hot war … The climate of international relations has already been shaped for several years by the growing confrontation between the USA and China, by which American imperialism is trying to contain and block the rise of the Chinese power with economic, diplomatic and military weapons. We denounce the initiatives of economic warfare carried out by the various Western imperialism against China, whether they are aimed at hitting the Chinese economy, and its trade or at preventing access to the most advanced technologies, and the outright military provocations by the United States and its allies, which are not just threats but military preparations for a possible war against China. In particular, in the European countries allied with the USA in NATO, there is an ongoing debate on the attitude to take towards China, in a difficult and often impossible balancing act between their economic interests in trading with and investing in China, a huge market, and the direct rivalry between the old European imperialist powers and rampant Chinese capitalism for influence over former colonial areas, and the strong US pressure, especially through NATO, to align European countries to the policy of “confrontation” towards China (and Russia). Our opposition to anti-China imperialist policies does not mean support for the Chinese state, which represents large, state owned and privately owned industrial and financial groups rapidly expanding on a global scale, and is therefore increasingly the bearer of imperialist interests; it is a state that oppresses the Chinese working class, denying it the freedom to organise and fight on both the economic and political fronts, and punishing those who have dared to strike against the Chinese capitalists with harsh imprisonment. Our opposition to the anti-Chinese policies and campaigns by the USA, the EU and Italy (government, parties, mass media) is a necessary step to fight the nationalist (including in the pro-European version) and imperialist positions that are propagated in the Italian workers’ movement, in order to promote the internationalist union between workers all over the world – with the Chinese proletarians representing their largest section. The ‘Cold War’ fought by the US against the USSR has been a forty-year dispute between the two military superpowers over the political partition of the world. However, the USSR did not have an economic base remotely comparable to that of the US, nor the capital to compete on the world market, and its effort to maintain a mammoth military apparatus led the USSR’s state-capitalist economy and society to collapse. With China, it is a different story. One year after the victory of Mao’s peasant and national revolution, which redistributed land to the peasants and freed China from Japan and the interference of the other imperialist powers, Chinese troops pushed MacArthur’s troops in Korea back across the 38th parallel at the cost of hundreds of thousands of casualties. But in 1972, three years after the exchange of gunfire between China and the USSR across the Ussuri river, Nixon opened the door to Mao’s China in order to pressure the USSR; the U.S. later favoured Deng Xiaoping’s economic liberalisation. Today we are in a different era. In the thirty years since the new capitalist China was baptised in the blood of the workers and students of Tiananmen Square (1989), through…

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[INTERNATIONALISM] The dirty dragon hunt. Against the anti-Chinese trade, diplomatic, political, ideological and military campaign [eng – ita]