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  The following statement was issued by the CPUSA Peace & Solidarity Commission and the International Department. What the world needs is peaceful international relations, equality, global cooperation, and development What is needed above all in the world today is cooperation among all nations to address existential threats to humanity and indeed life on earth. What is needed now is for all nations to abide by the UN Charter, to join the Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons, to honor other nuclear weapons treaties, and to pivot national budgets to dismantling and eliminating nuclear weapons. What is needed above all is immediate action to prevent tectonic environmental shifts. All nations must act together to prevent the observable climate calamities from getting far worse and to seek out solutions to material energy needs that benefit all humankind while protecting the health of the planet. What is needed now is global collaboration to significantly reduce the pandemic through immediate universal access to vaccines and medicines. Making the world safe and humanity healthy should top the priority list of all nations. In particular, the two countries with the biggest economies and biggest impact on earth, the United States and China, along with their partners and allies have the responsibility to cooperate to these ends. The CPUSA welcomes the joint statement by China and the U.S. on climate cooperation and demands its urgent, practical implementation and extension to other critical domains. Such offers of cooperation have to be deepened, widened, and urgently acted upon. Yet the Biden administration and State Department policy toward China today seeks to preclude cooperation. It seeks to undercut China’s rapid economic and social development by economic and military means, force China to redirect its resources to competing militarily with the United States and its allies, compel China to retreat from its internationalist foreign policy and overthrow its socialist-oriented state to be replaced by a capitalist model subservient to U.S. imperialism. This policy is ruinous for the working class of both the U.S. and China and the rest of the world. It is ruinous to the health of the planet. It threatens to sink cooperation on enormous global challenges like nuclear war, climate change, and pandemics. It teeters on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. And it foments anti-Chinese and anti-Asian racism. The U.S. is deliberately targeting China and by implication Asians for not only the loss of U.S. jobs but also for the pandemic. The Challenge of China’s development The Communist Party USA recognizes the unprecedented accomplishments of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and the people of the People’s Republic of China since their revolutionary victory in 1949. From doubling life expectancy to multiplying per capita income (five-fold as fast as India since 1960) to alleviating poverty to leading the world in tackling environmental issues, China under the leadership of the CPC has made impressive humanitarian strides comparable to no other country. China was an early leader for global climate justice, championing the principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities” at a meeting of Global South countries in Beijing in 1991. This principle specifies that rich countries that industrialized using coal and oil are obligated to help the poorer countries develop with green financing and technology. Since then the Chinese government has prioritized renewables and is now a world leader in hydro, solar, and wind power. Eschewing empty rhetoric, the PRC has published detailed, practical plans to peak carbon emissions before 2030 and achieve net zero by 2060. China’s foreign policy follows the decisions made at Bandung in April 1955 that led to the Non-Aligned Movement’s requiring fair treatment of the poor…

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