World Federation of Trade Unions

NATO, the USA and the European Union are preparing for war against Russia, both through an obsessive propaganda campaign full of falsehoods and through the use of immense economic resources, troops and weapons. Western expansionist policies clearly violate the agreements made after the dissolution of the former USSR, which should have prevented NATO’s expansion to the East. The support to the Ukrainian government – which sees the presence of neo-Nazis in its ranks – passes through the threat of further deployments of men and military means (the U.S. has alerted 8,550 soldiers and donated 200 million dollars of new military equipment to Ukraine), with a provocative intent against the powerful Russian neighbor. European countries, including the Italian government, are participating in this dangerous militaristic escalation, which endangers world peace and the lives of millions of inhabitants of Ukraine and the Donbass republics. As  USB – Unione Sindacale di Base we have supported from the beginning the legitimate claims of independence of the Donbass Republics from the neo-Nazi and Russophobic Ukrainian government. In recent years we have brought solidarity and concrete aid to the people at risk of ethnic cleansing by the death squads trained and armed by NATO. Again, at a time when the populations of the Donbass are at risk of being crushed by this new escalation of war, we are at their side and we oppose any participation of Italy in scenarios of support to war operations. USB

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USB: Against USA / NATO aggression, alongside the people of Donbass