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Statement of the WPC about the recent “deal” between Israel and Morocco

The World Peace Council denounces to the peace loving forces in the world the recent agreement to normalize diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the state of Israel, in exchange for the US recognizing “Moroccan sovereignty over the entire Western Sahara territory.” One more “deal” of Israel with an Arab country under the auspices of the USA, this time clearly marked as an agreement of “Occupation for Occupation” whereas it refers to two (2) states, Israel and Morocco which occupy the territories of two other states, the ones…

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Solidarity with Moroccan Care Workers

UNI Global Union stands in solidarity with our Moroccan brothers and sisters in the care sector as they fight against the massive funding cuts and privatization of the CNSS (Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale) clinics that the Moroccan government is set to implement in the coming weeks.

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The WFTU in solidarity with coal workers and habitats of the city of Jerada

We call on the competent authorities in Morocco to take immediate measures of social protection for the workers of Jerada. We also demand the end of the repression of the population and the criminalization of its struggles, as well as the immediate release of the detainees and the immediate withdrawal of the accusations against them. We also remember the death of fishmonger Mohcine Fikri, crushed by a dumpster trying to oppose the seizure of his fish, October 28, 2016 in Elhoceima in the Rif, another Moroccan region.

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