Greece Italy 

Solidarity with USB and the workers of Italy

PAME Greece PAME, member of WFTU, welcomes the workers, the people and the USB of Italy who for a year now are fighting for their lives against the coronavirus pandemic but also against the anti-workers pandemic of governments and employers. On March 11, the USB proceeds with mass actions and mobilizations on the occasion of one year of the pandemic that has cost thousands of lives. At the same time, Italian workers are denouncing the competitions and the pursuit of profit by multinationals with patents of death and speculation on…

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India Italy 

USB: in Rome and Milan the protest in solidarity with Indian farmers and workers

World Federation of Trade Unions High participation in the initiatives organized by the Unione Sindacale di Base in response to the appeal of the workers and peasants organized with the World Trade Union Federation and La Via Campesina. In Milan hundreds of Indian workers in Italy, organized in USB logistics, together with students of OSA and Noi Restiamo demonstrated with the workers of the School and the new generation union Slang, to demand the withdrawal of the liberticidal laws of the Indian reactionary government which has the goal of impoverishing…

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USB fights and wins! for the rights and dignity of workers

The Court of Appeal of the Court of Bologna reinstates the porters of GLS Piacenza and establishes a compensation equal to 12 months’ salary. The USB members of the GLS warehouse in Piacenza started a cycle of strikes to claim safety conditions in the workplace. In January 2019 the owner’s response was the “political” dismissal of 33 workers, while another 54 were declared redundant.

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WFTU geets the 10th anniversary of USB

To the attention of : Pier Paolo Leonardi, General Secretary of USB, Italy/ WFTU Presidential Council member Dear comrade Pier Paolo,Dear comrades of USB – Italy, On the behalf of the World Federation of Trade Unions we greet the 10th anniversary of Unione Sindacale di Base, its ten years of life and militant action at national and international level, through the ranks of WFTU.

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USB: successful school strike, two important days of struggle

The strike, the joint demonstrations of students and workers throughout Italy, the media and public attention on the reopening of schools, the breaking of the unanimous rhetoric of “everything will go well”, the breaking of a climate of social passivity that had lasted for months, are the political results of the work of USB and all the political and trade unions that have set up this courageous path.

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FISE supports the teachers’ strike in Italy

The Word Federation of Teacher’s Union FISE, member of WFTU, sends its militant salute and support to the teachers’ strike on the 24th and 25th of September, which was announced by USB in Italy. The Education and the teachers have been burdened by the pandemic and the protection measures, both in cases where they were taken as well as when they weren’t. Shortage in teaching personnel, overcrowding of pupils in the classrooms, deficiencies in the public healthcare sector, unsafe transportation are some of the issues, teachers are facing around the…

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