ver.di calls for 3-day strike on Hamburg docks!

As of Tuesday, 2nd February 2021 2.00 am and until Thursday, 4th February 2021 11.45 pm the technical workers at Hamburg-based HHLA-daughters SCA and SCB are called out on strike by their union ver.di, the United Services Union. The ca. 360-strong workforce are on strike to demand improvements in their weekend working time regulations. The workers demand that their weekend working time be regulated as in the regional col-lective agreements covering roughly 11.000 port workers in the German North range ports. These stipulate that the regular 40-hour working week be…

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PAME denounces the Italian Authorities’ attempts to block workers’ demonstrations

PAME denounces the Italian Authorities attempts to ban trade union activity and workers struggles in Italy. The last weeks a series of trade union actions called by USB Italy, WFTU Affiliate, were banned, by the Italian Authorities. Last example was the ban of the demonstration called by USB for Friday October 2 against the plans of Rome’s Municipality to privatize its services. This tactic is followed by the Italian Authorities escalating the attack of the Renzi Government against workers’ struggles.

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